Aviation Forum 2015

Payment, Passenger Identification & Authentication

Aviation Forum is an annual user meeting in the airline and airport sector. This is where Materna, its partners and customers come together with European experts to discuss the latest solution approaches and to present best practices.

They all have to be able to deal professionally with growing passenger numbers, larger planes and more stringent security measures. This poses new challenges for infrastructures, technology and personnel at the airports in Europe and throughout the world. These are the topics which are dedicated to at the Aviation Forum.

After four successful years in our headquarters in Dortmund we have decided to move the Aviation Forum to Hamburg for the first time this year.  

This year’s topics are:

Payment in the aviation sector

Being able to make payments simply for additional services such as excess baggage, upgrades or lounge access is an important forward-looking topic for airports and airlines. This means better service for the passengers and cost and time savings for the airlines. Airports also benefit from more efficient utilization of staff and terminal equipment. In the course of automating a variety of the processes involved in passenger handling, it is certainly becoming more and more important to provide payment functions for use at kiosks or via mobile devices.  At the Aviation Forum you can, among other things, find out about what the IATA has already experienced in this field and which solution approaches there are for Common Use Payment.

Passenger Identification & Authentication

When you fly from one country to another you come across quite a range of different requirements for identifying passengers. If, when and with which documents passengers have to identify themselves depends on the current statutory requirements in each country. There are even different procedures within the EU, for example for states not covered by the Schengen agreement. Flights to the USA or to Asia are even more complicated as different visa and entry regulations have to be taken into account during handling. Airports now have to face the challenges of fulfilling such a wide range of regulations, but using shared hardware and software can require a great deal of coordination.   Come to the Aviation Forum and, among other things, find out how airlines are dealing with the changing requirements of using shared systems and how self services are continuing to change the individual processes in European and global aviation.

Cyber Security

operational services will present Next Generation Thread Protection solutions in IT Security. Talk to our Cyber Security Specialists to be up-to-date with latest technology to protect your business

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Location: Alter Wandrahm 20, 20457 Hamburg, Germany

Von - Bis: 10.11.2015 - 11.11.2015

Ort: „Altes Hauptzollamt“ | Hamburg Speicherstadt