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HyperKVS-Training Courses

Acquire basic knowledge and expert knowledge in dealing with HyperKVS.

HyperKVS Trainings are only available in German an English language.


The HyperKVS system (a browser-based B2B platform) is used by development and planning as well as purchasing and quality assurance worldwide within the entire VW Group and by more than 750 external partner companies.

KVS is the abbreviation for Design Data Management System (German: Konstruktionsdaten-Verwaltungs-System). It is used for the audit-proof administration and data exchange of all documents resulting from the design as well as the conversion of CAD data into required further data formats.

If you are striving for such a connection to the VW Group, various preparatory work must be carried out within your company. In addition, various applications for the connection to the Group's network must be made and the actual connection to the KVS network implemented.

Here you can find out about HyperKVS training offers, dates and costs.

HyperKVS-Trainings are only available in German and English language.

To the current training offers

Fees for HyperKVS-Trainings

For each PDM contract (old HyperKVS contract), you can attend either one classroom training (one day and one participant per contract year) or two online training courses of your choice (eClassroom, one participant per contract year).

  • Each additional classroom training costs 580,00 EUR*
  • Each additional online training costs 290,00 EUR*

*all prices in EUR without VAT

Individual trainings according to your needs

Would you like to participate in the HyperKVS training as a group of more than 5 people from your company?

We are happy to offer you an eClassroom tailored to your needs outside of our fixed dates. You can coordinate the content and timing of the virtual training directly with us.

Request an individual session

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