HyperKVS Trainings

Welcome on the trainings site of operational services GmbH & Co. KG. In our training program you will find detailed information about trainings and still untaken seats. You can book a training course for you and your colleagues or you can ask for an individual training.

Training Fees

For every KVS application contract you can get one on-site-training (one day and one participant per contract year) or two online trainings (eClassroom) (in each case one day and one participant per contract year).

Each further KVS on-site training: 580.00 € excl. VAT
Each further KVS online training: 290.00 € excl. VAT

Individual Trainings

More than 5 colleagues of your company want to become familiar with HyperKVS? We are pleased to offer additional training dates, which take account to your individual needs. Content and timing of training you will agree with us directly.
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