Supplier Solutions Portal

Information about SCF - Supplier Collaboration Foundation

SCF is a web portal that enables asynchronous collaboration with partner companies in the geometry data creation process.


The web portal SCF (Supplier Collaboration Foundation) is intended to cover the entire development cooperation cycle asynchronously: From providing the installation space and design data to the availability of documents in CONNECT's working structures.

The asynchronous partner integration should enable the partners to supply themselves with data from CONNECT and return design results.

Internal employees should also be able to use asynchronous partner integration to send documents to external partners for processing. The return shipment should be carried out in the same way.

For SCF applies:

  • Asynchronous mode of operation without direct access to the CONNECT database
  • Space supply via web portal
  • Partner side no CONNECT client required
  • Strong authentication in the web portal

SCF Clientsoftware

The SCF client for release 6.2 is available here:

Download SCF Client (in the partner company network VW).