Audits Immobilizer Relevant Components (IRP)

IRP - Highest security standards in the area of theft protection

Every year, damage in the three-digit million range is caused by the theft of cars. To prevent this, more and more modern mechanisms for theft protection are being developed.

In particular, components of the immobilizer (IRP) as well as vehicle keys and locking sets play an important role, as these are intended to prevent the theft of a vehicle.

Your Situation

You develop, test or manufacture components that are relevant for the theft protection of a vehicle. In order to protect the sensitive know-how and also the associated parts, the respective manufacturers require strict protective measures from the developers and suppliers.

As a supplier, you need a release for handling these parts. This release is a prerequisite for the conclusion of a contract or further orders.

Our Services

Compliance with these physical, organizational and technical measures is checked on-site in audits worldwide. The catalogs of requirements of the respective manufacturers serve as a basis for checking.

OS offers you immobilizer assessments as a long-standing audit provider in this area. Usually these assessments can be combined with an TISAX® assessment covering information security issues.

TISAX® is a registered trademark of ENX association.