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External support for internal audits or reviews

Your current situation

Your company is already certified to ISO 27001 or is planning certification. One aspect specified by the standard is the performance of regular management reviews and internal audits.

  • Management reviews by the highest management level ensure the suitability, appropriateness, and effectiveness of the ISMS. This project is designed to provide a description and evaluation of the ISMS status and the implementation of measures since the last audit, as well as suggestions for improvement.
  • Internal audits check the information security aspects previously defined by the client in order to obtain an overview of the areas in which there are deviations from the standard. The internal audit report created as part of this forms the basis for the management review and the ISO 27001 certification.

However, to ensure objectivity and impartiality, or because the company does not have the necessary staff itself, the management review should be supported by an external auditor.

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