Benefits for your company

    One assessment – mutual recognition of the results

TISAX® assessments provide a uniform and binding standard as well als fixed TISAX® requirements for information security assessments within the automotive industry. The assessment results are recognized by the other TISAX® participants, saving you time and money.

You can also use the TISAX® platform yourself to select your own suppliers.

    Boost your image among automotive manufacturers

You can also have an TISAX® audit carried out proactively, thereby increasing your changes of being awarded contracts by automotive manufacturers. After all, it may take several months until an TISAX® assessment is completed successfully – this is valuable time when a project needs to be started urgently. In this way, you can simply say you are already on board!

    Increasing your employees' awareness

Employees represent a significant aspect of a company's information security set-up, as their actions have a major impact on security within the company. Training sessions improve employees' awareness of their own actions and the environment.

    Protection for your own assets

It is not only your clients' information which should be protected against unauthorized access, but also your own business information, expertise, and assets. Although you might decide on a TISAX® assessment because a client requires it, your company also benefits from the implementation of measures to increase information security.

    Initial basis for ISO 27001 certification

The VDA Information Security Assessment is based on the international standards from the ISO 2700x series. Once you have successfully passed a TISAX® assessment, you will have met almost all requirements for preparing for certification.

    Simplified process for corporate groups

Corporate groups with a centrally organized information security management system benefit while a TISAX® Group Assessment from reduced outlay for audited content when many different sites are involved.

TISAX® is a registered trademark of the ENX Association.