Pre-Audit for evaluating the level of information security

Your current situation

Your company plans to have an information security assessment carried out at the company site. The focus here is on your own ISMS and its conformity with the information security requirements of the VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry). Among other things, sensitive information from automobile manufacturers is processed in-house.

The aim is to successfully pass the information security assessment (ISi assessment) by an accredited service provider and to provide evidence of an adequate level of information security. For this purpose, you want to be prepared in the best possible way and therefore plan an additional pre-audit in which the audit points are evaluated in advance of the actual assessment.

With a pre-audit, you obtain an overview of your information security processes in advance and can eliminate any potential weak points without the time pressure of a "real" assessment.

Our service portfolio

We offer two versions of pre-audit:

  • Pre-audit on-site
  • Pre-audit document based, remote

The auditor reviews the relevant test points and processes on your premises or remote. The main focus is on checking the implementation of necessary processes from the area of information security in the respective applicable form (protection requirement) according to the VDA Information Security Assessment.

After the pre-audit, the auditor prepares a report in which all deviations are documented. This report contains no recommendations for action.

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