Security is becoming ISi [i:zi]

Information is a company's major asset

Information is an asset and, as such, the basis of every company. This is why it should be protected in the right way. In addition to the people involved, this includes supporting processes, systems, and networks.

No matter whether it concerns client or customer information or knowledge created internally, damage is done when confidential information is made public, urgently required information is no longer available, the integrity of reliable information is compromised, or or even production material is not available as planned.

TISAX® is the standard for information security defined by the automotive industry. It is based on a catalog of requirements based on the international standard ISO/IEC 27001. operational services is one of the first approved audit service providers to offer corresponding assessments for companies in the automotive industry.

Competence in "Security" Sector

OS provides diverse security services for large to medium-sized companies to protect them against cyber attacks and to support them in reaching targets regarding confidentiality, integrity, and the availability of information.

The OS service portfolio in the field of security is divided into the following areas:

  • Application security
  • Infrastructure security
  • Organizational security/auditing, and
  • Consulting services in all fields of security.

The area of auditing is a particular focal point. With numerous years of experience from approx. 3000 assessments around the world at partner companies of the Volkswagen Group, OS stands out with its specific knowledge of the automotive industry.

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TISAX® is a registered trademark of the ENX Association.